New Handmade Retro Blue Red Swirl Gun Metal Chrome Threaded Fountain Pen

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Brand new handmade gun metal chrome fountain pen with a body and threaded cap hand turned from retro blue and red swirl resin acrylic. It is NOT painted. 
Important: The cap of this fountain pen is designed to thread onto the barrel when not in use, but it does not thread onto the top while writing. The cap will however pressure mount on the top (press to fit). 
The body and cap were skillfully hand turned by us here in our shop in Michigan (USA). Each rough stock blank that we create our pieces from is unique, ensuring that no two are alike. After shaping, the body and cap are then polished and buffed to a beautifully glass smooth and reflective high gloss finish. The end results are not only visually striking but also extremely durable and able to withstand moisture and handling without fear of damage.
This fountain pen measures 5 1/4" in length (capped) and 6 1/2" in length (with cap on top). It has a barrel width of 13mm and a cap width of 15mm. It comes with a German iridium point nib, one black ink cartridge and an optional piston converter in case you wish to use your own bottled ink instead. Display stand is not included.
Significant time and attention is invested in handcrafting a pen that is not only worth displaying in your prized collection, but can also accent your office decor or commemorate a special occasion or event.
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