New Custom Handmade Real Diamond Chips Flakes Chrome Safety Razor and Matching Stand

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Brand new three piece chrome double edge safety razor and matching weighted stand both with hand turned barrels made with real diamond chips/flakes encased within clear acrylic. They are NOT painted. Each piece displays a very elegant sparkling when held and moved in the light. Very hard to capture this in a still photo. This set comes complete with a small certificate of authenticity card. Both the razor handle and stand barrel were each skillfully hand turned from very durable rough solid acrylic with encased diamond flakes by us here in our shop in Michigan (USA). Each solid rough blank that we create our pieces from is unique, ensuring that no two are alike. After shaping, we then polish and buff them to a beautifully glass smooth and reflective high gloss finish. The end results are not only visually striking but also extremely durable and able to withstand moisture and immersion without fear of damage. Significant time and attention is invested in handcrafting a set that is not only worthy of daily use and display, but can also commemorate a special occasion or event.
The tear drop shaped razor handle has a barrel width of 19mm and is tapered at both ends providing both comfort and balance. The barrel width on the stand is 15mm and compliments it wonderfully. Further measurements are shown in the photos. See photo 5 for blade installation (blade not included). By un-threading the entire head assembly by hand and removing it from the handle, a new double edge blade can then be installed between the top head and the base. The entire reassembled head is then re-threaded securely back onto the handle. This design also allows the entire head to be fully disassembled for easy cleaning.
Due to the hygienic nature of these items, we cannot accept returns if either has been used.
Please view all 5 photos and check out the 360° video below.

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